Look after your neighbours!!!

So lying in bed tonight, I started to think about things. Life throws us so many challenges that can sometimes be difficult to overcome. Who knew that we would be living through a pandemic. Please take a moment to think about the families, that are living together. The ones that are living in fear daily. As you are aware from my previous blog. I grew up in a very volatile household. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to not be living through a pandemic. I’m positive that if I was, I probably wouldn’t be here now.

So here I am lying in my bed, thinking about the past! I was lucky.. Never ever, did I think I would say those words in once sentence. Yet, now all I can think of are the wives, husbands and children that have been forced to be under one roof, for who knows how long? Families that have always been able to get a reprieve, whether it’s the wife or husband going to work, or the son or daughter going to school. Now, they are stuck under one roof.

Everyone seems to be so focused on the pandemic! Which believe me, as a nurse, is a scary time and not to be taken lightly.. However, I fear for the vulnerable families. The families that could be facing domestic violence, ongoing, or for the first time. With the ongoing isolation, cabin fever kicking in. Financial worries, job security, fear of the unknown. The stress can be detrimental too many families.

When I was growing up, I used to think. How can my neighbours not know what is happening? So I am writing this message on my blog, to ask you all to take a minute. And consider this.

So many of us have been living in our own little bubbles for so long. Many of us don’t know the name of the neighbours or our street. I know that many communities are sending letters to every household offering to help. And as much as I see this as a beautiful gesture, this is not going to highlight the families living in fear. Some may already be on the radar of the professionals, yet for some this may be a new overwhelming experience. And yet nobody knows. My fear is that, the isolation may make it harder for those to seek help. The silence of the streets, the neighbourhoods, do we know what is happening behind those closed doors. Nobody knows! I ask you please, don’t ignore your gut feeling!! If you are suspicious of something, don’t turn a blind eye. Report it! Do not break the social distancing rules, report your concerns. Better to be safe than sorry. Look out for your neighbours, nobody should have to live with domestic violence. Be kind to each other, and look out for each other, we are one world and we are all fighting this pandemic lets not forget the vulnerable families that have been forced to live together.

Before I end this blog, can I also ask that if you live near an elderly neighbour, please, please, look out for them. Think to yourself. When was the last time you saw them? This is my fear as a nurse speaking, many elderly people are too proud to ask for help. Many do not have carers that visit. Many do not have family. Please, look out for your neighbours. Remember, to social distance, remember to stay home, unless it’s essential. However, when you are going for your one hour exercise, look out for your neighbours (at a distance). If you are in your garden or in your window, look out for your neighbours. Let’s all stick together!! One world as one!! Stay safe..

A little update

It’s been 18 months now since I decided to tell my story to the police. So what’s happened?

Well where do I start? Last time I posted, I explained that I had moved away. Well since then I have moved back. Not with my ex husband just closer to my children. And I now share custody with my ex. So things on that way are ok I suppose.

What about the rest of it? Well. The police gave up! They said that they couldn’t go any further as CPS would struggle to have a case. Given insufficient evidence, and the fact that family members refused to stand up in court.

Well I wasn’t surprised are you?

I haven’t given up though. I am currently waiting for my dr surgery to put all my medical records together, and I will be looking through them. As I am certain the police never did, yet they say they did. Reason I disbelieve is that they were suppose to collect info from my counsellor and they never did. My case had been passed from pillow to post, so yes I don’t believe they fully investigated. Case isn’t closed for ever it’s just filed.

Any way, moving on. I have decided that writing about it all has helped a little. And I have had some wonderful inspiring feedback. I thank you all for that.

My story will be heard. I’m still winning.


Its been a while

Time for a small update. A lot has happened recently. I find myself moved away, looking for a new job. Fighting a custody battle. And I have found myself a new man, that knows absolutely everything. They always say you will meet someone when you least expect it. I did. From that first night we met. We talked, talked and never stopped. He has put the spark back into my life. I now feel that I can fight anything. Which is amazing. As only a few days before I met him. I had ended up in A+E, with no idea how I got there. I had finally hit rock bottom. And I needed help. The counselling continues, the police have been in contact recently, things are moving forward. I have not self harmed again. I drink less, smoke less. Cry less. 2019 is looking to be a year that will be better for me. It’s not easy as I still have a lot of fights to fight, but I have someone supporting me, and he has made me realize, that I can do this. I am not alone anymore..

Furthermore. I have decided that my blog, will still contain updates, but my full story will come later. As I am going to attempt to turn it into a book. Wish me luck.

Thanks for checking in. I will keep you all updated as much as I can..

Happy New Year..

CPTSD part 13.

So what do I do now? I have opened up my wounds for all to see. I thought it was the right thing to do. But now I am so uncertain of everything. This rollercoaster is going so slow yet so fast. I have no idea, of anything right now. I ask myself regularly why me. Why did this happen to me. When will things actually be rosy in my life. I watched others, who appear to have it all. I work my arse off to give everything I can for my children. Yet, why do I feel like such a failure. I have nothing to show really. Yes, I have a job that I adore. I love my kids to pieces. But everything else is so shit right now. I want this year to end. I hate the way I feel right now. The uncertainties, the guilt. How did things get to this? Why now. I was doing ok. Not great but I was ok. Then I went to a family funeral, life changed. I left my marriage, my home, my kids. I tried to make it work alone. But I failed, I really failed. 

How can life change so much, that it tips you right off your path, that you no longer, know how to get back on. My counselling session started this week, it was ok. I know its the right time for me, I have to face the past, to begin a better future. But at the minute, I see no future, so whats the point I ask myself. I am so done with feeling broken. I just want to forget about it, forget about everything and everyone that has hurt me. How long can I pretend that I am ok, when really I am not. I broke a little this week. Everything had become a little to much, I was silly, I regret what I did, I am ashamed. But it is how I cope when things are really bad. I guess, I’m just not accepting things right now. 

I truly feel like my heart has been ripped out. I don’t want to keep feeling this, but I do. I have to let go of everything from the past. But how do I do it, when I am surrounded by it. I am trying, really trying. But I just don’t know which path to take right now. I am trying to hide, from the reality of the pain. Put on a brave face, but I am struggling. Am I capable of getting through this. I have made so many different wrong choices in my life. I have accepted so many times to be treated like, I don’t really matter, that it is ok, to make me feel like, I mean everything, yet I meant nothing. I cut myself again this week, I just did it, I don’t know why. I do regret it. Really regret it. But I just can’t handle being in my own head. The only time I feel, any peace and comfort is when I am working, putting all my love and care into patients. Yet, I can’t do that 24/7. I have to be home, I have to face the truth of all my choices. The mistakes I have made. I can not blame it all on the past, some of this is my own doing. I am selfish, to not think differently. I am in charge of my destiny. I let people treat me the way they do. I always have sat back and accepted it. I never said no, not once to my cousin. I let it happen, so I am just as guilty as him. I let my parents continue to treat me the way they did, even as an adult. I never stood up for myself. I just let them walk all over me. And then, there are the men in my life. I let them in, I trusted them and I got hurt. So I am the one to blame. Leaving home, I chose to do that, now our finances have taken a hard hit, that’s all me!! I can’t blame my husband, I did this, me… 

So I ask, what do I do now? Continue to live in this world of self pity? Move on? Who actually cares anyway? I have friends, great friends. But no one wants to listen to this self pity. It gets boring after a while. So I write it in my blog. I know not many will read, I don’t worry about that. I just write because then, its out of my head for that short period. And maybe one day, I will look back at this and think, gosh, it was bad, but you survived.. Right now, I really don’t know what to think. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me or worry about me. My dear friends, that, take the time to read this, you know me, i will be ok. I love you all, and I really, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for just being there, not judging, listening and well just being there. I love you all. I will get through this, I won’t let it destroy me. I have my family, my job and I now have my counselling. I had a blip, I regret it. I hate trying to hide it and lying about it. But I couldn’t stop it. I have been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I guess living with mental health is hard, it’s just accepting the battle, you are fighting and not letting it win. 

If you got this far, I thank you for stopping by and reading. Everyone is fighting some kind of a battle, we can all hide it. But sometimes it all becomes to much. Talk to your loved ones, don’t keep it in. Write about it. It may or may not help, sometimes, i think it does, then other times, I think, whats the point. But truth is there is a point, i had a traumatic past, I am facing it, i am doing something about it. If it means spending time on this rollercoaster, then I will continue. It’s not nice. But I have to be strong for my family and work family. I have to much to lose. I must remember this…


What a day.. I can honestly say, my head is all over the place at the minute. This morning started off with my first counselling session. So lets start with that. I woke up half a dozen times during the night. Anxiety, took hold of me. My mind just wouldn’t settle. I have waited for so long for this day. Why am I feeling so anxious. This is the start of a new beginning. But is it going to help, I keep asking myself. I set my alarm early as I knew, I would need to fight the rush hour traffic. But I got up late, I wanted to go, but I wanted to cancel. I got up showered, got ready. I knew I would be late, but I had to do this. So I got in my car and drove. I was 15 mins late. Not a great start to my first session. My counselor was understanding. So we got down to business. Today was mainly paperwork based. Dealing with holidays, confidentiality, agreement to attend. We did start talking a little into the past. Thankfully, my counselor was the lady, that did my assessment back in march. So she already knew a lot of stuff. That helped. 

So the real healing begins next week. She did say, that I don’t have to spend every session, discussing the past. I can chose to talk about anything. I thought that was good, but lets hope that I don’t do what I did many years back. When I was 17, as I had counselling then, but I didn’t use it to my best ability. I often chose to speak of what was happening in the now, not the past. I need this to work for me now. So much has happened in my life, the choices I have made. The anxieties. The low self esteem, the constant need for reassurance. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I don’t want to doubt that I did a good or bad job with my children. The fear that one day they will feel about me as I do my mother. They have no reason to feel that. I know that, but it scares me to the core. I want to be the best parent, their best friend, the person they turn to when they need to. 

So what happened after my session. I met up with a couple good friends for lunch, which was lovely. I then drove home, I had a call from someone connected to the police, she was checking in on me. She asked me if I had any updates lately. I explained that my case had been handed over to someone else. I wasn’t sure who. She messaged me to tell me, that it was now with a male police officer. I’m not sure what his standing is, but I don’t think its a detective now. So does that mean, they are not taking my case seriously anymore. What does is mean?? So getting home, I started to feel sick again, similar to yesterday, I am sure this is just anxiety. As I don’t think I will be sick, its just a proper uneasy feeling in my stomach. I guess I just don’t want to come this far for nothing. I have no idea, where or when it will end. But it has to be for something. Please don’t let my opening up be for nothing.

Part 12.. Nervous.. ( my story continues, scroll to bottom to real from the start..)

Its chilly today. Christmas is around the corner. Filling me with dread this year. Every year I say to the kids, you won’t get much. Money is tight. Then I manage to somehow, find a way of making sure they are spoilt as much as I can. But this year, will be different. I haven’t even started shopping yet. And I have no idea, how I am going to or what I am going to get. When I left my family, earlier this year, It took a lot more than I was expecting. And I am still dealing with it now. I’m home, but its different. I used to be the one that dealt with all of the finances. But no longer. That is down to the husband now. So xmas shopping isn’t going to be an easy task. It will be ok though, I will make it as good as I can. There may not be a mountain of gifts under the tree this year. But I will make sure my children know they are loved. I will do my best to make it fun for them. I am not to worried to be fair. I have raised my children well, I believe. They will be happy no matter what. 

Anyway, less of my xmas woes. Tomorrow, I start my specialist counselling. I am feeling ill today, reckon its more anxiety related, than any type of bug coming my way. I know this is what I need. I am ready for it. But I am worried about the nightmares, the flashbacks. After my police interview, they were so real, raw. Hard to deal with. Since starting this blog, they have become easier to deal with and happen less. However, I know that this counselling will involve breaking my past into small pieces, dealing with things, I have tried so hard to hide. When I went for my first assessment in march. The counselor said I had to learn, how to let the little girl inside me feel protected, loved and not at fault. Is it really going to be that easy though.  

30+ years ago it all started, my living hell. The childhood physical and emotional abuse from my parents, the sexual abuse from my cousin. I have many years of denial, low self esteem, insecurity, anxiety and depression.Is it possible to change the way I think and feel in a matter of 6 months, 26 hours of therapy? Is it really going to be that easy. What will my counselling involve. I have spoke to counselors before, but I rarely mentioned my past. I may have spoke with little snippets. But rarely went into detail. And if the counselor tried to pursue it further, I would give up and not go back. What if it gets to much, what if I decide I can’t continue with it. I need this to work, more than I have ever needed anything to work. I need to heal from this. As I get older, I realise how much my past has affected me, and still affects me now. I want to stop the self torture. I don’t want to be this insecure person any more. I want the next chapter of my life, to be the best yet. I want to be less insecure, have more confidence, and more belief in myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to let the past go. I don’t know what will come from the police process. It may not get anywhere. But I have finally started to let go. I know the truth, I have my friends and family around me. What ever happens now, things can only start to get better. So lets begin today. This is my story, its painful, it hurts, but through to the end of it, I will finally have peace. Whatever, comes from this, it can only be positive to my healing. 

I will update again tomorrow, to let you all know how my first session went….  To be continued…. 

update 11. ( read my full blog by scrolling down to the beginning).

Where do I start. Well I can say that I have had some news this week. To my surprise I had a call from the specialist counselling team. They had a space become available. I thought I would be happy. But I am apprehensive. To be honest, i got the call at work. The days I was offered were days that I worked. It would be complicated. How on earth, can I expect my boss to change my shift pattern. And at short notice. They wanted me the next day or at least starting next week. So I went and spoke to my boss. I don’t know what I was hoping for, would she give me this time. Or would I wait for the next spot. Am I really ready for this. I have found a way to cope right now. Am I ready to dig deep. Really face the past. Find that little girl that needs rescuing. Can I really do this.

My boss as always, was supportive as ever, and found a way to make it work. So I called the centre to except my counselling sessions. I now have less than a week. I had accepted that I won’t start talking until march/april next year. Now I had a week. I feel selfish in a way, as their are probably people out there, that need it more than I do. But I also know that deep down, I need this.

This year has tested me in more ways, than, I could possibly imagine. I truly don’t know which way my life is facing right now. Some days I am ok, not great, but I am ok. Then there are days when all I can think about is the argument inside my head. I can’t live this life anymore, I don’t want to be here. But I can’t leave this life. What about my children, what about the job I worked so hard for. If I failed to end this. I would be deemed unfit to work. Whether I failed or succeeded. How selfish is that of me, to do this to my family. This is an argument, that fills my head most days at the min. Its just an argument with in my head. But it’s exhausting. My emotions are so up and down. I can easily put aside my feelings, when I am busy focusing on others. But alone in the car, or at home. These thoughts override me. I am glad that this counselling has finally come forward for me. I need it, I know I need it. I’m terrified to open up the rawness of my past. But I know, if I don’t do something. I may not survive this pain, i am feeling.

So one week from now, will be the start of finally fixing 40+ years of torment. Maybe then, I will be less vulnerable for people, to feel like they can come into my life, rip it in half and throw me away like I am nothing. Maybe, now I can stop feeling insecure. Act more like a grown up. Stop self destructing my own life. Leave the past in the past, bury the insecurities. Stop the act. It’s ok to cry, to not be ok sometimes. I have survived hell. It’s now time to try and except my life, my future. To try and be proud of the person I have become. Who knows, I may succeed. I know I owe it to my family, work family to try. Its time to heal. If I give in to the dark thoughts, then my past wins and all those that don’t deserve to know me win. This blog, is my place to say how I feel. I will continue to share as much as I can. I don’t want it to be completely negative. Please bare with me. As the next few months are going to be one hell of a roller coaster.

Thanks for stopping by!!

teenager. part 10 remember if not read my full story, scroll down…. :)

This week has been tough for me. I have been feeling incredibly low. Each time I get in the car, I am hoping that someone ends my misery. Stupid..because I am to much of a coward to do anything to myself. Does it mean I am suicidal? I would argue that i’m not. Just really fed up, low. And want it to end. I know its just a down period, and soon I will be out of it again. I have so much to be thankful for, so why am I so selfish? There are people out there, suffering a lot worse, than what I have, to go through. Yet, I just can’t find a way to feel good right now.

Ok, so I had a tough childhood. I didn’t know what love was until I became a mother. But I turned my life around. It could have been so much more different. So why, why do I continue to give myself a hard time. The last thing I want is for my blog to be totally depressing and negative. This isn’t why I have chosen to write. But I have chosen, to share how I feel, because it helps me. I want to share what it is like in my head. So there you go, I am feeling down. One of the reasons being, that recently, I put my trust in a good friend, and that friend totally changed before my eyes. I did not see it coming. I hate the fact, that my vulnerability still allows certain people to treat me like they do. I think that given, everything I have dealt with this year, the awful let down of my friend, just makes it all so much harder to deal with. But I’m not going to let it destroy me. I have to pick myself up and move forward. Like I have so many times before. Anyway, so this is how I am feeling right now. So to pick myself up, I am going to continue this update with something that will, take me away from how I am feeling now, to some of the good times I had as a teenager.

13 years old I met my best friend, little did I know, that 20+ years later, we are still as close as ever. She is my world, we may not see each other often, but I know when we need each other, we are there. So here’s our story, of what we got up to as teenagers.

My bestie lived 8 miles away from me, but that never stopped us. My parents would never, drive me to her house. My fathers attitude was that he used to walk 6 miles to school. If I wanted to see my friend, then I can walk the distance. So that is what I did. Whenever, I was allowed out, I would be walking the 8 miles to my friends house. Sometimes, we would walk a further 5 miles to catch a bus to the local town, for some much needed girly shopping. Not that I ever had any money, maybe enough for the bus fare. But I didn’t need money, I was out with my bestie. I was more than happy wandering around the shops enjoying the freedom. So what did we get up to then.

Well, my best friend lived with her father, who was often out late. We used to stay up watching movies, cooking, chatting about our latest crush. Sometimes, we might do a bit of homework, but truthfully for me that was rare. We used to hang out in the local pub, spending the night mostly playing pool and listening to music. Then we met these guys that drove, and we would go everywhere together. My parents never had a clue. But I didn’t care, I was enjoying life and it was worth the risk. We used to go back to one of their houses, have drinking challenges, my best friend and I never left each others side. She knew my secrets, and we stuck by each other. But we need not worry as the guys, were lovely. I soon began to trust them, and one eventually became my first boyfriend.

The best part of having friends with cars, was the freedom we had. I will never forget the first time, they took us to a nightclub, we were 15, we had planned it for a couple weeks before. I was nervous, would I seriously get in as an 18 year old. As luck would have it, we did. Three floors the nightclub had, and the most amazing cocktails I had ever tasted. We all stuck together like glue, dancing and giggling. The best part was, my friend that was allocated driver, had a knack for sleeping anywhere, honest, I’m sure he could sleep stood up. This one night, we had all been dancing on the dance floor, and he had been sat in the corner, at our table looking after our bags. We came back and there he was sound asleep underneath the blaring speakers. I remember someone, coming up to ask if he was ok. We laughed so much about it, to this day, we still find it funny.

Then there was this time, that I was staying at my besties. we had waited for her father to go to sleep, then crept out of the house. We walked around the country lanes, with these lads, singing loudly. Making up silly songs. Laughing so much. Then hiding in a field if a car drove by in case it was the police. As daylight began to surface, we would hide in this half built house. And wait for her father to leave for work. Me jumping up and down saying there he is, there he is, then running around the corner and almost knocking myself out hitting my head on the wall. No sympathy from my friend, she was crying with laughter. Admittedly it was a little funny.

One of our friends that had a car, also had a bungalow. We used to spend a lot of our time there. Listening to music, watching films. Playing volleyball, having water fights. drinking challenges were the best. How we use to drink thunderbird, yuck. lol. However, mad dog 20/20. What I would give to have a bottle of that, yum yum. Yes I was a rebel, or a typical teenager. I did have some fun, especially with my bestie. She is and always has been my rock.

Its been nice reminiscing about the good times. I may have been through hell, but during that period, when I had a chance to live as a normal teenager, I took it, and I enjoyed every second.

Thank you so much again for reading. I actually feel quite chipper now, talking about this.

Thank you for your continued support. xxx



Time heals.. a few words.

Time heals they say. Keep your head down and move on. Stop acting irrationally. Looking for an answer, is living in guilt and hate. Is it though? I have such a low opinion of myself. That when I get hurt, I need to know why? Was it something I did wrong. Or was it him? I know that everything happens for a reason. But what are the reasons? Why do I find it so easy to meet people that try to destroy me. I watched a film recently. And something was said in it. Which made me think. You look for the love you think you deserve. Maybe this is true. Maybe, I do.

I have had few relationships, trusting men is not the easiest for me. Hence, why I stayed single waiting patiently for 10 years for my husband. But when I think about the relationships, I have had. Its has always been me that has had to put in the effort. Then it backfires. I’m not a needy person. I don’t want to be showered in gifts and flowers. I just want to know that I am respected and loved. Do I have damaged written on my forehead. Help yourself to a piece of her heart, and destroy it.

Time heals… Maybe it does, but somewhere, there will always be the unanswered questions. The ache in your heart. That reminds you, you are still alive. I read a post today, it said that survivors of childhood sexual abuse are 10 – 13 times more likely to commit suicide. If only people knew, how many times, I had considered this. But truth is, I am a coward. I grew up in hell. I could never let my children suffer in any shape or form. So I have to survive this. I have to accept that not everyone has the perfect life. I have to let fate decide whether justice is done. I have to accept the love that I have, and stop trying to seek something, I will never find.

I will give it time, I will continue this journey that has been planned out for me. I will take the knocks. I will get back up. I will have my bad days, I will have my good. I will continue to smile, even when deep down inside, I am broken. I will continue to write my blog. Because, I know that for those that are reading, some who have been through, what I have or know someone that has suffered. You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words and support.