A little update

It’s been 18 months now since I decided to tell my story to the police. So what’s happened?

Well where do I start? Last time I posted, I explained that I had moved away. Well since then I have moved back. Not with my ex husband just closer to my children. And I now share custody with my ex. So things on that way are ok I suppose.

What about the rest of it? Well. The police gave up! They said that they couldn’t go any further as CPS would struggle to have a case. Given insufficient evidence, and the fact that family members refused to stand up in court.

Well I wasn’t surprised are you?

I haven’t given up though. I am currently waiting for my dr surgery to put all my medical records together, and I will be looking through them. As I am certain the police never did, yet they say they did. Reason I disbelieve is that they were suppose to collect info from my counsellor and they never did. My case had been passed from pillow to post, so yes I don’t believe they fully investigated. Case isn’t closed for ever it’s just filed.

Any way, moving on. I have decided that writing about it all has helped a little. And I have had some wonderful inspiring feedback. I thank you all for that.

My story will be heard. I’m still winning.


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