Look after your neighbours!!!

So lying in bed tonight, I started to think about things. Life throws us so many challenges that can sometimes be difficult to overcome. Who knew that we would be living through a pandemic. Please take a moment to think about the families, that are living together. The ones that are living in fear daily. As you are aware from my previous blog. I grew up in a very volatile household. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to not be living through a pandemic. I’m positive that if I was, I probably wouldn’t be here now.

So here I am lying in my bed, thinking about the past! I was lucky.. Never ever, did I think I would say those words in once sentence. Yet, now all I can think of are the wives, husbands and children that have been forced to be under one roof, for who knows how long? Families that have always been able to get a reprieve, whether it’s the wife or husband going to work, or the son or daughter going to school. Now, they are stuck under one roof.

Everyone seems to be so focused on the pandemic! Which believe me, as a nurse, is a scary time and not to be taken lightly.. However, I fear for the vulnerable families. The families that could be facing domestic violence, ongoing, or for the first time. With the ongoing isolation, cabin fever kicking in. Financial worries, job security, fear of the unknown. The stress can be detrimental too many families.

When I was growing up, I used to think. How can my neighbours not know what is happening? So I am writing this message on my blog, to ask you all to take a minute. And consider this.

So many of us have been living in our own little bubbles for so long. Many of us don’t know the name of the neighbours or our street. I know that many communities are sending letters to every household offering to help. And as much as I see this as a beautiful gesture, this is not going to highlight the families living in fear. Some may already be on the radar of the professionals, yet for some this may be a new overwhelming experience. And yet nobody knows. My fear is that, the isolation may make it harder for those to seek help. The silence of the streets, the neighbourhoods, do we know what is happening behind those closed doors. Nobody knows! I ask you please, don’t ignore your gut feeling!! If you are suspicious of something, don’t turn a blind eye. Report it! Do not break the social distancing rules, report your concerns. Better to be safe than sorry. Look out for your neighbours, nobody should have to live with domestic violence. Be kind to each other, and look out for each other, we are one world and we are all fighting this pandemic lets not forget the vulnerable families that have been forced to live together.

Before I end this blog, can I also ask that if you live near an elderly neighbour, please, please, look out for them. Think to yourself. When was the last time you saw them? This is my fear as a nurse speaking, many elderly people are too proud to ask for help. Many do not have carers that visit. Many do not have family. Please, look out for your neighbours. Remember, to social distance, remember to stay home, unless it’s essential. However, when you are going for your one hour exercise, look out for your neighbours (at a distance). If you are in your garden or in your window, look out for your neighbours. Let’s all stick together!! One world as one!! Stay safe..

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